Generic Gold holds ten 100% owned projects throughout the Yukon. Three of these are in the advanced exploration stage with several drill-ready targets.


Location & Access


  • 17,538 hectare consolidated land package
  • 120 kilometers south of Dawson City
  • Accessible by helicopter or barge. An airstrip is available roughly 25 kilometers north of the property
  • Nearby projects include Goldcorp's Coffee deposit, Western Copper & Gold's Casino deposit, and White Gold's Golden Saddle deposit

Geology & Mineralization


The VIP project is located within the White Gold district. Local geology consists of schistose sedimentary sequences and lesser mafic volcanics, biotite gneisses, and felsic through to ultramafic intrusions of variable size and composition. 

The VIP project is on strike with the Coffee Gold deposits, and is cut by the Coffee Creek fault system.

Numerous soil sampling anomalies, and similar geology to that of the Coffee Gold deposits, indicate the potential for significant gold mineralization.

Exploration Program


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2017 field work consisted of

  • Trenching and sampling
  • Geoprobe sampling
  • Geological mapping
  • Prospecting
  • Soil sampling


Location & Access


  • 7,922 hectare consolidated land package
  • 40 kilometers northwest of Mayo City, YT
  • Accessible by 4x4 truck via the Silver Trail Highway, or helicopter
  • Nearby projects include Victoria Gold's Eagle Gold deposit, Alexco Resource's Keno Hill silver deposit, and numerous placer mining operations

Geology & Mineralization


The Goodman project is located within the Selwynn Basin, which is a highly mineralized area east of the Tintina Fault. Locally, the geology consists of Upper Proterozoic to Silurian metasediments that are intruded by mid-Cretaceous polyphase quartz monzonite stocks.

Goodman is located along the Potato Hills trend, a mineralized fault system that trends southwest from the Eagle Gold deposit.

An airborne geophysical survey has outlined a large highly magnetic intrusion that coincides directly with significant soil anomalies and bedrock samples, indicating the potential for a large intrusion-related gold system.

Exploration Program


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2017 field work consisted of:

  • Ground IP geophysics
  • RC drilling
  • Trenching & sampling
  • Soil sampling & prospecting


Location & Access


  • 4,640 hectare consolidated land position
  • 85 kilometers Northeast of Whitehorse, YT
  • Accessible by fixed-wing aircraft using the Livingstone airstrip, winter road, or helicopter
  • Numerous 4x4 trails throughout the property from current and historic placer mining activity

Geology & Mineralization


The Livingstone project is located with the Yukon-Tanana Terrane; a composite of crustal blocks including former volcanic island arcs and continental shelf depositional environments. Locally, the claims lie along the contact of an Early Mississippian intrusion and Devonian metaquartzite and schist.

The Livingstone area is a historical and current placer mining district which is renowned for extremely coarse nuggets. A source for these large nuggets has not yet been identified.

Bedrock mineralization identified to-date includes sulfide-rich quartz veins and sulfide-breccias. Up to 10 g/t Au has been sampled in bedrock.

Exploration Program


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2017 field work consisted of

  • Diamond drilling
  • Geological mapping
  • Prospecting
  • Soil sampling

Additional Projects

Generic Gold holds an additional 8 hardrock and placer projects throughout the Yukon Territory. These prospective projects have been subjected to first-pass exploration, and will be further evaluated and advanced in the coming years.